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At VCU, we aspire to create a whole- person educational experience that emphasizes well-being as a core component of student success. We believe that health and wellness should be at the center of the university experience. We believe that the promotion of well-being requires a dual approach of promoting mental health and flourishing, while treating substance use disorders and mental health challenges with compassionate, evidence based care. In its first five years, the Research to Recovery Conference has provided exceptional speakers sharing expertise in a wide range of areas, from basic research and public policy, to treatment and recovery.

Previous speakers have included Jan Brown, Dr. Marc Fishman, Dr. John Kelly, Dr. Jason Kilmer, Dr. Kenneth Sher, Gail Taylor, Dr. Lula Beaty, Dr. Judson Brewer, Dr. Danielle Dick, Dr. Linda Hancock, Gail Taylor, Dr. Aaron White, and Dr. Jehannine Austin, to name a few. We place a substantial emphasis on providing access to all of the talks to ensure the wisdom of the presenters can be available to anyone seeking quality education about substance use disorders. 

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