The Department of Behavioral Health and Development State Opioid Response Grant Team and Virginia Commonwealth University are excited to be able to offer the Recovery Scholars Program to students in recovery who are enrolled at Virginia Colleges and Universities. We believe that students in recovery often are among the strongest students on our campus and contribute tremendously to campus life.

Recovery Scholars Application

Scholarship amount: Students receive a share of a scholarship pool which will be at least $250 per  semester (renews contingent on completion of requirements)

Scholarship Deadline: January 11, 2024
Semester Begins: January 16, 2024

Recovery Scholars Program

As individuals grow in their recovery process their needs in recovery change. The Recovery Scholars Program seeks to support these recovery and professional development needs through a supportive seminar while recognizing their contributions through financial stipend. The Recovery Scholars participate in a weekly supportive seminar and work an active recovery plan. Recovery scholars are awarded a share of the stipend pool and may be eligible for additional scholarship awards. Stipends which are paid directly to the institutional automatically renew until graduation for those who continue to complete Recovery Scholars program requirements. Additionally, Recovery Scholars are eligible to receive funds for professional development conferences focused on recovery. Stipends are credited to student accounts are not paid out until mid-point or later in the semester.

Recovery Scholars Program
Program Eligibility & Expectations

The Virginia Recovery Scholars Program is for any student who identifies as in recovery from a substance use disorder, who is actively engaged in a continuous healing process and who attends a not for profit college or university in the state of Virginia. Students in recovery should be able to identify the intentional work they do towards growing and developing in their recovery. Additional expectations are below:

  • Students in their first year of recovery or who currently use substances(other than nicotine) in a non-problematic way are required to engage in coaching in order to participate in the recovery scholars program. 

  • Students in the Recovery Scholars program are expected not to use substances with any other participant in Rams in Recovery.

  • Students who have a non-problematic relationship with substances are expected not to discuss casual substance use within the space, and all students are expected to not glorify substance use.

  • Appreciate and respect that others' pathways to recovery may be different from your own.

  • Students who experience recurrence of problematic use are encouraged to share about that within the seminar space, and to engage in recovery coaching.

  • Complete an application for admission into the Recovery Scholars Program

  • Be enrolled or accepted into a VA college/university

  • Interview with Program Staff

Commit to following program requirements:

  • Attend weekly Recovery Scholars seminar

  • Attend at least 2 All Community events per semester

  • Adhere to community agreements

  • Actively participate in a recovery plan that addresses our 3 pillars of Recovery: Community, Growth & Service

  • Have a service commitment within your local or university recovery community